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WORTH Industries

Address: 4124 N. Broadway
                 St. Louis, MO 63147

Phone: (314) 231-6600

Fax: (314) 231-2266

Email: info@worthindustries.com

Website: www.worthindustries.com/

Sheltered Workshop:
Located near downtown St. Louis, WORTH Industries is one of 92 Missouri Sheltered Workshops, which are non-profit businesses, licensed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, for the purpose of providing commercially useful employment for adults with disabilities. The WORTH Industries Sheltered Workshop provides meaningful employment for persons with developmental disabilities. Because of mental or physical limitations, these individuals are unable to engage in competitive employment at this time, but capable of safely and accurately performing specified sets of tasks in a supervised environment. Our clients are certified by the Missouri Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.