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Sunnyhill, Inc.

Address: 11140 S. Towne Square, Suite 100 
                 St. Louis, MO 63123

Phone: (314) 845-3900

Fax: (314) 845-3901

Email: info@sunnyhillinc.org

Website: www.sunnyhillinc.org

Sunnyhill, Inc. provides tailored residential, recreational and educational opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities. In partnership with community and natural supports, Sunnyhill empowers individuals to become productive citizens and achieve their individual dreams.

Supported Living:
This program targets adults, ages 18 and older, who have a developmental disability and are either residing in their natural home and wish to obtain the skills necessary to be independent in the future, or already live independently in the community but require support for continued success. Supported Living service is teaching independent living skills such as: cooking, cleaning, grooming/hygiene, laundry, comparison shopping, housing, budgeting, bill paying, emergency procedures, and medical needs which include but are not limited to assisting with doctor appointments and medication management.