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St. Louis Arc

Address: 1177 N. Warson Rd. 
                 St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: (314) 569-2211

Fax: (314) 569-0778

Email: slarc@slarc.org

Website: www.slarc.org

The St. Louis Arc is a non-profit, United Way agency that provides support and services to more than 3,500 adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families, throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Parents Learning Together (PLT):
Parents Learning Together assists city based parents who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to successfully raise their children in healthy and safe environments across home and community. Annual plans are developed by each parent with PLT staff to establish goals unique to their own personal growth and development as a parent. This is accomplished through weekly individual visits and group instruction. PLT’s parents demonstrate the desire to learn the necessary skills and resources to keep their families together.  

Administrative Agency for Habilitation: In-Home Support (ARCH):
The St. Louis Arc serves as the Administrative Agency for Habilitation. This program is an in-home habilitation service designed to assist families with maintaining a person in their natural home by promoting acquisition of skills for independence, relationships and self-reliance along with providing intermittent, short-term relief to primary caregivers. The program also allows individuals to utilize a provider to help them have access to and be included in the community where they reside. This is a voucher based program that provides reimbursement to families who choose their own provider. Individuals must have a diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability and be at least 3 years old.  

Job Retention:
This service ensures a consumer’s employment in the competitive environment is maintained in a long-term capacity. It is initiated once an individual’s Vocational Rehabilitation supported employment benefits have been exhausted or denied, and the individual’s employment support needs are at a frequency of 25% or less of his/her total hours worked.