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Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis

Address: 11 Worthington Access Drive, Suite E 
                 Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Phone: Admin Office - (314) 726-6044; City Coordinator - (314) 772-2299

Fax: (314) 726-3454

Email: info@recreationcouncil.org

Website: www.recreationcouncil.org

City Coordinator:
The City Coordinator works to ensure that St. Louis City residents with developmental disabilities are aware of and have opportunities to access leisure and socialization activities and programs of choice which best meet their interests and support needs.

St. Louis City residents with developmental disabilities have a single resource in which to obtain leisure and socialization information; they have an advocate through the City Coordinator that can help them access the program of their choice and/or the program that best meets their support needs. They can also obtain needed after-school services, after adult day services or after sheltered workshop services. The City Coordinator will assist customers of the Extended Day program access social and recreation programs and activities during the extended day hours.

Community Socialization and Camp Service Ticket Program:
The Community Socialization Program provides access to socialization related activities in the St. Louis community that are typically not funded by DD Resources. Additionally, this program may be used by the participant to hire a support staff that would assist him/her in a community socialization program. The Camp Service Ticket Program allows participants to access residential camp programs (both specialized and generic) that best meet their support needs.

Camp Scholarships:
Camp Scholarships are awarded for up to six St. Louis City residents with developmental disabilities per fiscal year that have never had the opportunity to experience an overnight camp. These individuals must live in St. Louis City and meet DD Resources’ eligibility criteria.

Extended Day:
The Extended Day Program is defined as habilitative services provided to the individual with a developmental disability before and/or after school, day program, or Sheltered Workshop hours. The program targets individuals who require services beyond what a typical sitter or day program would provide, as a result of the developmental needs of the individual. Such individuals require 24-hour supervision.
• Extended Day Care Program hours are: Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
to 6:00 p.m. for a maximum of three (3) hours per day.
• Services can only be utilized by the parent or guardian under one or more of the following guidelines:
-Parent/Guardian is employed.
-Parent/Guardian is currently participating in an adult basic education program, college classes,
or required job-related class.
-Parent/Guardian is currently participating in a training program leading to employment.

Extended Day Care services are for individuals ages 13 and up. An individual is not eligible for Extended Day Care services or placement onto the Extended Day Care wait list until his/her 13th birthday.