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Preferred Family Healthcare

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Preferred Family Healthcare is a not-for-profit organization offering comprehensive services to Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas communities.  Our vision is of communities where all people are valued, have the opportunity to be employed, can live in a family setting or home of their own and are able to build positive connections with others.  We believe all people should be respected and involved in creating their own services and directing their own lives.  We participate in these values by being leaders in developing and providing innovative, customer directed quality services.

Job Retention:
The Job Retention program at Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) helps individuals with maintaining community integrated and competitive employment.  Long term supports are essential for persons with significant disabilities to ensure their participation in today’s work force and career advancement.  Examples of services include on-site visits with clients and employers, retraining when a client is given new job duties, assistance with advocating client needs to the employer, and assistance with understanding information provided by the employer’s human resources department. 

This service ensures a consumer’s employment in the competitive environment is maintained in a long-term capacity.  It is initiated once an individual’s Vocational Rehabilitation supported employment benefits have been exhausted or denied, and the individual’s employment support needs are at a frequency of 25% or less of his/her total hours worked.   

Supported Living:
Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) provides Supported Living services to assist individuals in achieving independence and assists them in identifying and meeting their essential needs in order to fully access their community.  The program targets adults, ages 18 and older, who have a developmental disability and are either residing in their natural home and wish to obtain the skills necessary to be independent in the future, or already live independently in the community but require support for continued success.  Supported Living service is teaching independent living skills such as: cooking, cleaning, grooming/hygiene, laundry, comparison shopping, housing, budgeting, bill paying, emergency procedures, and medical needs which include but are not limited to assisting with doctor appointments and medication management. 

Youth Employment:
The Youth Employment program provides a community-based work experience opportunity for students in St. Louis Public Schools, Special Education division. Students participate in training at worksites in the community one day a week for up to 10 weeks during the school year. During this training, students are given the opportunity to learn real work skills as well as “soft skills” related to employment with the support of 100% on-site supervision.