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Heartland Industries, Inc.

Address: 9727 Green Park Industrial Dr.
                  St. Louis, MO 63123

Phone: (314) 487-7200

Fax: (314) 487-7201

Email: Not available

Website: www.heartlandindustries.org 

Heartland Industries is a Sheltered Workshop that supports all St. Louis City individuals who need to increase their work rates or time on task, job skills, attendance or punctuality, and improve in the social skills or behaviors needed to interact with coworkers and supervisors.

Workshop Employment:
Heartland Industries is a fully accessible sheltered workshop that offers employment opportunities to all eligible adults with disabilities. Heartland Industries provides continuous on the job training, behavior support and personal care services to all employees while developing healthy work relationships so that each employee is allowed to reach his or her highest potential. Heartland Industries supports employees with machine training and allows employees to focus on learning job skills while increasing time on task, promoting good attendance and social skills in order to increase their job development and promote independence in the community. Heartland Industries provides individualized support while allowing employees to reach their maximum potential in job responsibilities, wages and overall satisfaction with their employment.