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Funded Services

Each year, DD Resources awards over five million dollars in tax revenue to area agencies to provide on-going services to St. Louis city residents with developmental disabilities. Agencies wishing to provide services participate in the annual funding cycle by submitting an application that provides background information on the service, service recipients, service outcomes, and agency operating information.

Services can include supported employment programs, supported living programs, and other programs to support individuals with living independently in their community.

Applications are reviewed by DD Resources staff and receive final approval by the Board of Directors of DD Resources. Agencies must follow the guidelines set forth in the DD Resources Funding Manual.

The funding cycle begins in December with public notification of the deadline for submitting funding applications.

DD Resources administers public funds and by virtue of its funding sources is a public agency and therefore, is subject to constitutional limits as well as other regulatory elements. Moreover, it has certain oversight responsibilities for the actions of service providers that receive funds from DD Resources.

DD Resources must take the position of neutrality toward any and all political and/or religious practices, events, celebrations, and activities.

It is DD Resources' goal that individuals with developmental disabilities living in the City of St. Louis receive inclusive services. Therefore, agencies receiving funding from DD Resources must also act with neutrality to ensure that service delivery is free of any political and/or religious component.









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