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Administrative Agency for In-Home Support (ARCH):
This program is designed to assist individuals with remaining in their natural home by promoting the acquisition of skills for independence, relationships, and self-reliance while also providing intermittent, short-term relief to primary caregivers. With this program, individuals may choose to utilize their own service provider to help them access their community. Families who choose to utilize their own providers are eligible for reimbursement through the program.

Capable Kids and Families:
The Capable Kids and Families (CKF) program promotes early intervention by providing families with therapeutic and developmentally appropriate toys/equipment available on-loan, free of charge. CKF was designed to provide services to young children between the ages of 0-6 years, who have delays in motor, language, sensory or cognitive development. These supports seek to reduce parental stress and isolation while assisting parents with building competence for care and support of their child’s development. Families will receive services that include home visits, linking to community resources, access to peer networks and family activities, and more.

Launch in the City offers a variety of supports and services for families with teens and young adults, ages 16-25, who are seeking assistance with transitioning successfully from high school into adult life. The program focuses on building various life and social skills needed to work and live in the community successfully. Examples of services provided include family support groups, family workshops, and peer connections through multiple social events. This program provides both group and individual supports.

Neighborhood Experiences:
Neighborhood Experiences is a community-based employment program for individuals aged 16-20. The program is an eight-week summer program that provides individuals with volunteer/work opportunities designed to increase hard/soft skills for future employment. Services occur at training sites located near the individual’s residence and are chosen according to their own personal interests.

NextEd is a curriculum-based, pre-independent living training program that supports young adults ages 18-25 with learning crucial independent living skills needed to successfully live interdependently in the community of their choice. Program services include virtual instruction, as well as opportunities for in-person applied practice in a natural home environment to foster practice and skill-building.

Parents Learning Together (PLT):
Parents Learning Together assists city-based parents who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to successfully raise their children in healthy and safe environments in the home and community. This is accomplished through weekly individual visits and group instruction. PLT's parents demonstrate the desire to learn the necessary skills and resources to keep their families together.  

Supported Employment:
Job Retention services help to ensure an individual's employment in the competitive environment is maintained in a long-term capacity. Services are provided to meet the needs of the individual employed and are designed to support individuals with developing and maintaining the skills needed for successful employment.