The Center for Head Injury Services.

Address: 11828 Lackland Rd, St. Louis, MO 63146

Phone: 314.983.9230

Fax: 314.983.9235



Administrative Agency for Adaptive Equipment:
The Center for Head Injury Services serves as the Administrative Agency for Adaptive Equipment. Adaptive Equipment is any item, piece of equipment, device, controls, or product system, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is used to address the health/safety and accessibility and/or mobility to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with developmental disabilities.  This program is designed to serve St. Louis City residents with developmental disabilities who are not on a wait list for Medicaid Waiver funds and are not currently receiving Medicaid Waiver funds.  This service is designed for consumers who live in their natural home or live independently with supports in the community.  The agency will also facilitate maintenance and repair service as needed.  Assessments will be completed by the agency's Occupational Therapist, and the agency will then assist consumers with gathering bids for equipment or maintenance, and choosing the vendor.  The agency will ensure that equipment is installed, and appropriate training is provided.

Social Enterprises:
The Center owns and operates two social enterprises as a means to provide training and employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis area.  A social enterprise is a business formed with socially conscious guiding principles.  For The Center, that means programs designed to train, employ and advance the lives of people with disabilities and creating self-sustaining and viable businesses that will serve the community in many different ways.  All the products from The Center’s social enterprises are handmade, packaged and sold with an integrated workforce.  In addition to training and jobs, 100% of the proceeds of the businesses go to support The Center’s mission.

Destination Desserts is a bakery and catering service that produces gourmet cookies, cupcakes and other desserts.  Equipped with a food truck, the Destination Desserts team travels to point of purchase sales locations throughout the St. Louis metro area including St. Louis City and County businesses, parks and events.

Wags in a Bag is a dog treat bakery that produces four all-natural dog biscuit varieties and specialty frosted treats.  Wags in a Bag is a regular vendor at fairs and other events where furry friends are welcome, and sells its treats directly and through specialty pet shops.


Supported Employment:
Supported employment services help to ensure an individual's employment in the competitive environment is maintained in a long-term capacity. Services are provided to meet the needs of the individual employed and are designed to support individuals with developing and maintaining the skills needed for successful employment.

Vocational Skills Training:
The Vocational Skills Training program supports individuals, who may or may not be employed, to develop the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment in the community. Services are time limited and support adults, post high school.