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Bridges Community Support Services

Address: 3114 Sutton Blvd 
                 Maplewood, MO 63143

Phone: (314) 781-7900

Fax: (314) 781-7914

Email: info@bridgescss.com

Website: www.bridgescss.com

Bridges Community Support Services (Bridges CSS) was founded in 1984 as one of the first organizations in Missouri to offer individualized home and community support services to men and women with physical and cognitive disabilities.  Bridges provides full- and part-time supports to people living in St. Louis City and County, as well as across the state of Missouri.  Bridges CSS’ mission is to foster continual growth in the lives of those they serve, through a variety of programs.  They believe that each individual is unique and their support services are tailored to each person’s particular strengths, needs, and learning style.

Supported Living:
The program targets adults, ages 18 and older, who have a developmental disability and are either residing in their natural home and wish to obtain the skills necessary to be independent in the future, or already live independently in the community but require support for continued success. Supported Living is defined as teaching independent living skills such as: cooking, cleaning, grooming/hygiene, laundry, comparison shopping, housing, budgeting, bill paying, emergency procedures, and medical needs which include but are not limited to assisting with doctor appointments and medication management.

Supported Parenting:
Supported Parenting is available to parents with developmental disabilities, age 18 or over, who are eligible for and receive Supported Living (funded through DD Resources) or Independent Living Skills Development (funded through the Department of Mental Health), and have expressed interest in or exhibited the need for support with caring for their children and managing a family. Supported Parenting is also available to parents whose children are not currently in their custody, but who would like to increase parenting skills in order to have their children returned to them. Parents who are already receiving in-home parenting support through another program funded by DD Resources are not eligible for Supported Parenting. Areas of support might include preparation for birth, promoting health, responding to medical concerns appropriately, shaping behavior, responding to behavioral issues, communicating with teachers and other school staff, completing forms related to school and other activities, keeping track of activities and deadlines, encouraging positive self-esteem, supporting development of positive relationships with peers, and collaboration with child welfare agencies.