DD Resources.


Senate Bill 40, which was passed by Missouri legislature in 1969 and is also known as the County Sheltered Workshop and Developmental Disability Services Law, allows local taxing districts to ask voters to approve a special real estate tax for the purpose of providing services to persons who have developmental disabilities. In August of 1980, St. Louis City voters approved this tax. Proposition No.1 was passed by a vote of 60,833 Yes to 20,738 No.  The passage authorized the Board of Alderman to assess a property tax of 5 cents per $100 assessed valuation and thus, the St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources was established.  By March of 1982, the agency was ready to accept the first applications for funding.  Twenty agencies submitted applications requesting approximately $4.4 million.  In June of that year, the board approved distribution of $930,261 to 15 agencies. 

In March of 1988, Proposition D was passed by voters of the City of St. Louis by a 64% vote.  The passage increased the property tax assessment from 5 cents to 15 cents per $100 assessed valuation.  DD Resources currently receives over $6 million a year and allocates over $5 million to agencies providing services in the areas of independent living, employment and community connection.  In 2019, DD Resources funded 33 agencies.  This funding supported 1032 individuals to access 72 different programs within those agencies for support to live their best lives in the City of St. Louis. 


In December of 1999, Targeted Case Management was established through a contract with the Missouri Department of Mental Health.  In March of 2007, DD Resources’ TCM program received its first three (3) year accreditation from CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and remains accredited.  DD Resources TCM program currently serves over 500 individuals, providing crucial service coordination by assisting individuals to access programs and services.


In June of 2010, DD Resources was one of the original partners in the Partnership for Hope Waiver.  This waiver originally provided funding to 97 eligible individuals residing in the City of St. Louis. Since 2010, this waiver has expanded several times allowing a total of 148 St. Louis City residents to benefit from its preventative services.

In November of 2018, the Board of Directors approved the Alignment and Integration Project that allowed DD Resources to partner with St. Louis County PLB, St. Charles County DDRB, and Jefferson County DD Advocates to align and integrate technology and processes around agency application, billing, reporting, and reimbursement. This collaboration is now known as the Eastern Region Alliance and seeks to 1) reduce the administrative burdens that different requirements, tools, and processes place on our funded partners; 2) allow for the collection, analysis, and reporting of regional data to inform strategy and decision-making, and 3) allow for the sharing of increased and enhanced human resources and information technology infrastructure.  


To ensure individuals with developmental disabilities in the City of St. Louis have quality services, choices, and full inclusion.


An inclusive community that maximizes individual abilities.


Support - We identify and provide assistance to individuals in reaching their greatest potential.

Self-Determination - We ensure that individuals have the right to participate in planning their own future and selecting their own supports.

Choice - We ensure that individuals have the opportunity to choose the services and providers that will meet their specific needs.

Stewardship - We administer public funds fairly, with openness and integrity.

Responsiveness - We are effective, efficient, accessible and act in a timely manner.

Partnership - We support these core values through partnerships with individuals, providers, the community and other funders.

Respect - We respect every individual.

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