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2334 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO 63103
Phone: (314) 421-0090
Fax: (314) 421-2525

Hours of Operation:
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After-hours emergency
phone number for case management consumers only:

(314) 540-0815

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MERS/Missouri Goodwill

Address: 1727 Locust Street
              St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: (314) 241-3464

Fax (Locust Office): (314) 241-1588

Fax (MERS Workshop): (314) 588-8416




Metropolitan Employment and Rehabilitation Service/Missouri Goodwill Industries (MMGI) is a non-profit agency that provides for the vocational needs of individuals who have barriers to employment through disability or economic disadvantage.

Computer Works:

Computer Works is an expansion of the MMGI’s Sheltered Workshop, offering participants in the Sheltered Workshop opportunities for additional training and work experience. Computer Works adds a complete computer demanufacturing workshop function to our existing operations. Supplied with recycled computers and computer components donated to MMGI’s Retail division, Computer Works is an internally supplied, self-sufficient operation, independent of external contracts with outside customers. Establishing an internal demanufacturing process within our Sheltered Workshop has created higher skill level jobs for people with developmental disabilities.

Job Retention:

This service ensures a consumer’s employment in the competitive environment is maintained in a long-term capacity. It is initiated once an individual’s Vocational Rehabilitation supported employment benefits have been exhausted or denied, and the individual’s employment support needs are at a frequency of 25% or less of his/her total hours worked.

Pre-Employment Services:

The Pre-Employment Services program is a pre-vocational program whose goal is to assist individuals develop the work skills, appropriate behaviors, stamina and speed necessary for success in a Supported Employment placement. This program is open to adults and youths (at least 16 years of age) and targets individuals who are St. Louis City residents with a developmental disability and have a desire to gain employment. This program is time-limited and individuals enrolled in this program will participate on average for 8 to 12 weeks, with approximately 20 hours of service each week. Once enrolled in the program, individuals will receive a suite of services which include a needs assessment, individual service strategy refinement, one-on-one skills counseling, on-site skills reinforcement, hands-on learning, community volunteer experiences, soft skills development, and weekly Job Readiness Training (JRT) classroom instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals will be transitioned into supported employment services with a provider of their choice.

Pre-Sheltered Workshop:

This program’s main focus is to assist youth coming out of a school setting who are in need of acquiring work skills. These youth typically have not worked and do not have the soft skills necessary to find and keep work, sheltered or competitive. We will provide the skills training necessary for them to obtain and maintain employment within a workshop setting. The youth entering the program will be identified as needing to acquire skills such as dexterity to perform assembly tasks, stamina to work a full shift, increase production rates, and interactive skills to work alongside others without conflict. Some of the youth will have been suspended and/or terminated from other programs within the community. For many youth, this Pre-Workshop Training Program will be their last opportunity to succeed.

Sheltered Workshop:

The Sheltered Workshop primarily offers consumers in the program with a true opportunity to earn money through real work in a controlled and supportive sheltered workshop. At the facility that houses our workshop, however, our agency operates several other programs and business functions, including retail processing of donations and purchased goods, as well as logistical processing of supplies for our stores. When appropriate some workshop employees are given the opportunity to work outside the sheltered environment in one of these functions. Not only does this offer a different type of work experience, but it also provides some time in a more public and integrated work environment.

These work assignments fall between the controlled confines of the Sheltered Workshop and a more open Supported Employment placement, as Sheltered Workshop staff are on-site and ready to assist with any situations that may arise, yet for the most part the consumer is working with a competitive employment workforce.

Supported Living:

The program targets adults, ages 18 and older, who have a developmental disability and are either residing in their natural home and wish to obtain the skills necessary to be independent in the future, or already live independently
in the community but require support for continued success. Supported Living service is teaching independent living skills such as: cooking, cleaning, grooming/hygiene, laundry, comparison shopping, housing, budgeting, bill paying, emergency procedures, and medical needs which include but are not limited to assisting with doctor appointments and medication management.


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