Funding Announcement

The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources (DD Resources) is pleased to announce funding opportunities for new projects from both new and existing funding partners; funding is not for the increase or expansion of projects currently funded by DD Resources.

Proposed projects will increase access to independent living, employment, and/or community connection opportunities for St. Louis city residents with a developmental disability. Requests may be for annual or one-time projects.

Definitions for services can be found in our Partner Funding Manual on our website, here. Potential new funding partners should reference the partner funding manual to ensure the agency and proposed project meets required criteria, standards, guidelines, and outcomes as well as to understand DD Resources’ processes and expectations.

Proposals should follow the funding request format as outlined on pgs. 42-43 of the FY22 Partner Funding Manual and must include a copy of the agency’s IRS Determination Letter and Certificate of Good Standing from the State of Missouri. Proposals must be submitted to by August 13, 2021. Final funding determinations will be made at the September 23, 2021 board meeting with funding to be allocated on a 10/1/2021 – 6/30/2022 timeframe.

Questions may be directed to

RFE Announcement

Three of the four County Boards representing the Eastern Region Alliance seek proposals to expand adaptive equipment and/or assistive technology resources in the Greater St. Louis Region (St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and City of St. Louis) with the priority being expansion of assistive/enabling technology. Agencies will be experienced in the administration of adaptive equipment and/or assistive/enabling technology services and will increase the number served and support individuals with gaining independence through traditional and innovative technologies. Interested agencies must support the missions of each County Board and adhere to the Alliance’s vision, funding framework, and requirements for service provision as outlined in the Partner Funding Manual.

The County Boards define adaptive equipment as: services support individuals and families with accessing equipment, technology and/or home modifications that increases an individual’s ability to safely and independently navigate home and community settings. Adaptive Equipment includes equipment, technology, environmental adaptations and/or maintenance and repairs that improve an individual’s experience in their home, community, daily life and work.

Historically, adaptive equipment and/or assistive/enabling technology services are provided to 50+ eligible individuals in each county, annually

View additional information for the Adaptive Equipment RFE

Welcome to DD Resources.

The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources is grateful that the supportive residents of St. Louis City have entrusted the staff and Board of Directors with the responsibility of ensuring that individuals with a developmental disability have quality services, choices and full inclusion. Thank you to the citizens of St. Louis City for helping us to ensure that people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to make quality choices about where and how they work, live and play.


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To ensure individuals with developmental disabilities in the City of St. Louis have quality services, choices, and full inclusion

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An inclusive community that maximizes individual abilities.

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