During the DD Resources board meeting on Thursday, March 12, 2020, the board discussed its strategy for supporting funded partners through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our funded partners are an invaluable asset in meeting our mission and a life support to many individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Therefore, our intent is to support agencies in maintaining their operations as much as possible during this extraordinary time.

Historically, the programs we fund were delivered in a face-to-face approach; however, our nation’s response to COVID-19 is to minimize and/or avoid in-person contact. Therefore, we anticipate that all programs will need to be modified to continue meeting the needs of the individuals they serve as well as ensuring the health and safety of participants and staff.

Agencies needing modifications should submit their request to a member of the Agency Relations Department as soon as possible. Requests will be reviewed by the Program Committee on March 26 for final approval.

Our hope is for our funded partners to do whatever it takes to collaborate with one another, share resources, and succeed in maintaining the health and safety of individuals served.

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The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources is grateful that the supportive residents of St. Louis City have entrusted the staff and Board of Directors with the responsibility of ensuring that individuals with a developmental disability have quality services, choices and full inclusion. Thank you to the citizens of St. Louis City for helping us to ensure that people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to make quality choices about where and how they work, live and play.


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To ensure individuals with developmental disabilities in the City of St. Louis have quality services, choices, and full inclusion

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An inclusive community that maximizes individual abilities.

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Sheryl and Kirk beam with pride as they look at their daughter, Grace, and talk about her talent and success. They list some of the many awards she has earned and point to her numerous displays of artwork that decorate their home.
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